A girl (feeling bleary) on Sunday

Kino - Cabaret Voltaire
Exotika - Chris & Cosey
Berufsverbot - SPK
Something came over me - Throbbing Gristle
Since the accident - Severed heads
Memories - Klinik
Nothing at all - Anne Clark
Noćne šetnje - Borghesia
Haunted - Section 25
Blume - Einsturzende Neubauten
Jinx - Tuxedomoon
This Could Be The End - The Legendary Pink Dots

Τα πνεύματα της σούπας


*THROUGH winter-time we call on spring,/And through the spring on summer call,/ And when abounding hedges ring/ Declare that winter's best of all;/ And after that there s nothing good/Because the spring-time has not come -/ Nor know that what disturbs our blood/ Is but its longing for the tomb.

William Butler Yeats, The Wheel