A girl on (a mother' s day) Sunday

Mother - Travis
Black Milk - Massive Attack
Mother Stands for Comfort - Kate Bush
Mother - Pink Floyd
Your Mother Should Know - The Beatles
Μάγισσα Μανούλα - Τζίμης Πανούσης
Holy Mother - Eric Clapton
Nobody loves me but my mother - B.B. King
Μαμά γερνάω - Τάνια Τσανακλίδου
Μανούλα μου - Λάκης Παππάς
La mamma - Charles Aznavour
Μάνα - Λουδοβίκος των Ανωγείων
Mother Love - Queen
I'll Always Love My Mama - The Intruders
Tell Mama -Etta James
Mother popcorn- James Brown
Mother - Moloko
Mother Knows Best - Crystal Castles

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child - Jimmy Scott

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